What services does Pharmaroad Distribution Hungary offer?

We offer our distributor activities to those who plan to be present on the Hungarian pharmaceutical market with medical devices and food supplements.


We are able to make the product available on the pharmacy shelves:

  •  we are contracted with pharma wholesalers and pharmacy chains
  • our sales representatives visit the pharmacies on a daily basis to educate pharmacists on the product, they also make the product visible in the pharmacy


We offer the trade channel cooperation, education, promotion:

  • we ‘push sell-in’ by pharmacy loading
  • we offer ‘buy-back’ guarantee

We invest into consumer marketing:

  • we adopt your marketing strategy or we create the marketing strategy for your product:
  • we create TV copies, print ads, online buzz
  • we ‘pull sell-out’ by ATL and BTL activities
  • we build strong brands